First Step to Ignite an EU Project: Secure a Domain Name

Are you involved in one of the 4315 proposals that were retained for funding under the Horizon 2020 umbrella? Are you on a run to kick-start your project in Europe, no matter how far the grant agreement looks like? If you are gearing up, make sure to invest in you project website. Let’s say you can have a big deal with less than 1 Euro.

Your project website is an essential tool for dissemination and communication activities, thus you should secure its domain name as soon as possible. Good news: it won’t cost too much. Registrars as, or offer .eu domain registration fees ranging from € 0,99 to €9,00. VAT and other hosting service costs may apply, although most of them can be by-passed via self-hosting solutions.

Speaking of domain name registration, your time will run out even long before the proposal deadline. Indeed, pre-registering your project domain will save you from cybersquatting, which is “the act of registering a domain name for the purpose of either reselling it for a profit or as a means of securing advertising revenue from consumer interest online” as put it.

Anyone can register an .eu domain before you even notice that. Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Survivor took the “registration gold-rush” issue beyond excess:

You patent a drug. You copyright the name. As soon as someone else develops the product they come to us, sometimes by choice, sometimes not.

Take it seriously and try to stick to the following points:

  • check for domain name availability on your project acronym at an early proposal stage and secure it;

  • purchase multiple domain names (.com, .life, .xyz, etc) to plan different project/product exploitation strategies;

  • find your ideal Registrar/Host: centralizing the management of multiple domains will help you to keep track of deadlines and reduce hosting costs.

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